After Pepper, its ASRA C1Humanoid Robot for SoftBank

SoftBank, a giant in Japanese Telecom has recently unveiled its emotion reading robot called Pepper. After this robot, SoftBank revealed another humanoid robot named ASRA C1 developed by Asratec. It is designed to interact safely with people.


ASRA C1 is a bipedal humanoid robot having the following specs:

  • It weighs around 13.5 kg (battery included) and 1.2 meters high
  • It has 35 degrees of freedom with two legs and fours arms
  • The limbs are powered with Futaba servo motors
  • It boasts 11.5V Lithium Polymer battery
  • It makes use of various sensors like gyro, accelerometer, geomagnetism, and camera
  • It can be interfaced with Wireless LAN and Bluetooth

asratec asra c1


  • If a user holds a robot’s hand, ASRA C1 will automatically stand up by reading the motion of the user’s hand
  • It can be controlled from a remote place using a smartphone
  • The user can attach head mounted display on the head to control robot’s head
  • If a child touches the robot, it can autonomously change its state to assure safety
  • It is capable of absorbing quick vibration and shock smoothly
  • The whole body of the robot can be operated with the help of a joystick
  • It can even copy the motion of the user using Kinect Sensor
  • It has the ability to recognize a man’s voice and moves using the speech recognition function of Windows

Asratec has posted videos for all the above features in their official website. We have embedded one astonishing video of it for our visitors in which the robot acts according to a human motion:

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Author: JAY

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