Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Industrial Robots

Everyone knows a robot can work more efficiently than a human. Then, what is the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI)? In this article, let us explore how AI can be useful in industrial robots.

An industrial robot is generally programmed to do a task. This type of robots will be able to perform a specific task. If a robot has to perform many tasks, then it is really difficult to program for all the junctures. As a result, Artificial Intelligence came into existence to solve this problem.

Artificial Intelligence was invented by John McCarthy in 1956 at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). AI is an interesting field in robotics that aims at building machines with human intelligence, which can think, learn, understand, solve problems, etc.

“Artificial Intelligence converts a man-controlled robot to a self-controlled robot”

The AI concept may be simple, but achieving it is quite difficult. AI doesn’t replicate human heart, it reproduces human brain. We are familiar that the brain has the most complex design with billions & billions of neurons. A robot with AI will make use of sensors to collect the information. The collected information will be compared with the stored data for achieving the best result.

An industrial robot equipped with AI will be useful for performing vision system function. A camera mounted on the robot will help to pick a component in a complicated 3D area by storing various characteristics of an object such as length, breadth, area, etc. It also helps the robot to grasp a specified object from a mixture of objects. Overall, the AI technique in industrial robots could increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Author: JAY

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