Boston Dynamics Introduces WildCat

The above video brings you the performance of WildCat – a new robot introduced by Boston Dynamics with the fund provided by DARPA. This robot can run at a speed of up to 25.7 km/h on flat ground.

Boston Dynamics first came out with a robot called Cheetah, which was capable of running at a speed of 45 km/h. But, it had an external power source and advantage of running on a treadmill. So, it wasn’t that much exciting as the WildCat.

The WildCat also had other advantages like:

  • It can run faster while turning circles as well.
  • It can adjust itself while it slips (it is shown in the demo video).

However the powerful motors in the robot make more noise, Boston Dynamics has focused its work on making the robot run faster. Hope, the company will reduce the noise of the robot in the future.

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Author: JAY

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