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It is very well known that large amount of Greek texts were translated into Arabic language at the time of Abassid Caliphate (8th century to mid 11th century ), primary motivational factor for all these works was the establishment for Bayt – al – Hikma (Hikma – wisdom, Bayt – House, House of Wisdom), and also the library Khizanat – al – Hikma (Khizanat- Treasure, The Treasure of Knowledge). It has been said that close to 4,00,000 (4 lakh) books were translated to Arabic which were kept at library and used for research.


Badi al-Zaman Abu al-Izz Ismail Ibn-al-Razzaz al-Jazari, who is considered to be the Father of Robotics, was one of the most important Arab scholar, researcher in the Islamic Golden age. He was born in 1136 AD. His books reflect most of his personal life and we don’t posses any other source regarding it.

Speciality of this person was that, in recent days all western scholars, scientist, researchers thought that conical valves was the result of Leonardo’s drawing’s but Al – Jazari who existed 2 centuries before Leonardo da Vinci clearly shows them off in his writings, segmental gears was first drawn and conceptualized by Al-Jazari.

Not only in mechanical devices his work focussed on “Automation.”

Fabulous work done by Al – Jazari:

He has done many works, out of which we have focussed on two important devices

  • The Elephant Clock
  • Castle Water Clock

Most popular and significant work of Al – Jazari is The Elephant Clock, which is now in display at Ibn Battutah Mall, Dubai, UAE. This is considered to be more importance because this invention was dated back to 1200 AD, about 800 years before. We could really doubt whether what could have been over there (i.e. what kind of resources would be over there) for a person to think of this invention which has tremendous mechanism which would be somewhat difficult for developing even with modern days CNC Machines.

The Elephant Clock

To know how it works. check the below video:

Next important work of Al-Jazari is Castle Water Clock, which not only acts as a clock but does tremendous extra curricular activities like people standing in front of the house and playing trumpets.


Castle Water Clock

Even this is in display, at Ibn Battutah Mall, Dubai.

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