KOBIAN – Humanoid Comedian Robot

The above video brings you the funny moments of KOBIAN Comedy Robot. This robot was developed by Japanese Researchers at the Waseda University, and it was recently presented in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2014.

The research team led by Prof. Atsuo Takanishi categorized comedy into three different methods:

  • Funny Behaviours like equivoque, blue jokes, induced laugh, overblown, and sympathetic story
  • Funny Contexts like running gag and unexpected performance
  • Funny Characters like imitation, self-flattery, and self-deprecating humour

comedian robot

The researchers appointed some volunteers to find if KOBIAN is really performing funny. They wired up EMG sensors, accelerometers and video cameras facing towards their faces to determine various facial expressions like laugher and smiling. According to the research, the robot was found funny for some moments.

But, the researchers were confident in KOBIAN that it will perform better to make people feel better. They were able to sort out this problem with an experiment having POMS (Profile of Mood States) psychological test to access people’s feeling. The result has been a success as it has improved the moods of the volunteers after watching KOBIAN.

The next phase of research will be the implementation of complicated dramas with various comedy tricks. They also planned to conduct different experiments in different subjects. Let us wait for some years to check out it enthralling performance.

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Author: JAY

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