Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp)

Different modes of Op-Amp

  • Voltage comparator
  • Non-inverting amplifier
  • Inverting amplifier
  • Voltage Follower
  • Inverting summing amplifier
  • Differential Amplifier
  • Differentiator Amplifier
  • Integrator Amplifier
  • Logarithmic Amplifier
  • Anti-Logarithmic Amplifier

In this article, will get to know about voltage comparator in detail, and how it could be used practically for specific purposes

Practically a Operational –Amplifier has two inputs and one output, two inputs are named as inverting and non-inverting inputs, output is totally based on these inputs, Practically the output of the op-amp is V (output) = 1; if V (non-inverting) > V (inverting)

And V (output) = 0; if V (inverting) > V (non-inverting)

Where can I use this practically, it is almost used in many analog circuits for converting analog signals to digital signal, well how do I accomplish it. It’s relatively easy

Assuming I am getting an analog signal from a sensor, I try to feed it to non-inverting input and let me map it from 0 to 5 volts and on the inverting input of the operational amplifier I try to have another sensor of same type which outputs analog signal and I feed it to inverting input, Assuming the sensors are on the left and right, Now I am doing something for the left sensor to go high, for example an Photo diode, Op-Amp outputs 1, by comparing the right sensor signal output, now with that high signal do something and when you do something to make left sensor go low it automatically outputs the low value, and you can do something for that, and very easily an analog signal is converted to digital signal.

op amp symbol

From this diagram, you can now that left sensor is fed to (non-inverting) V+ and right sensor is fed to (inverting) V-.

Input Output
(V+) > (V-) 1
(V-) > (V+) 0

We say greater or lesser than because input fed to operational amplifier is analog signals, in which it’s best for us to compare to get accurate results

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