Pepper Robot can be your Emotional Companion

Will anyone believe that a robot can understand your feelings and act upon it? It might be a false statement a week before, but now it has become true with Aldebaran’s new Pepper Robot. This robot is not designed to make your house or office works rather than that it speaks, reads your emotions, moves, and lives autonomously. The company proudly says that Pepper robot is designed to live with humans.

Pepper robot is capable of understanding your emotions by using his emotional knowledge. He analyses your facial expressions, body languages, and other normal activities to know your emotions. He will predict your mood and adapt to it. In case, if you are bothered about something, he will try to cool you by playing your favourite music. Moreover, Pepper can show his emotions by his body language, voice, and funny gestures.

pepper robot interacting with students

Pepper will be eager to interact with humans. As the days go by, Pepper will understand your way of living and learn new things to surprise and entertain you. Pepper Robot is initially developed for SoftBank Mobile (Japan’s Biggest Mobile Phone Company) to receive customers in their stores.

Pepper’s ultimate goal is to learn and recognize you every day to be your closest companion at home. In other hand, Aldebaran’s goal is for Pepper to live with humans, not just in stores but also at everyone’s house.

Have a first look @ Aldebaran’s Pepper Robot in the below video:

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Author: JAY

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