Properties of Sensors used in Robotics

1.Field of view and Range:

Often called FOV (Field of View) is the most important aspect while selecting a sensor. First, to what distance does it cover? Field of View and Range may be measured in metres, degrees in vertical and horizontal. This may be understood by knowing the concept of photography because those people use different types of lenses for different size, place, location, and atmospheric visibility. Hence while selecting sensor, it is best for us to know its field of view, range and direct application.

2.Accuracy, Repeatability and Resolution:

Accuracy always refer to true value (i.e. actual value). Repeatability may be defined as the measurement from the sensor, which repeats itself for the same physical conditions.

3. Responsiveness in required application:

There are some sensor which behaves very poor under certain conditions, so before selecting any kind of sensor for particular application, we have to check whether the sensor works fine under particular condition. For example, some sensor work at highly illuminated place but our application will require sensor to work only in that particular area. Hence choosing sensor which works in targeted area will be of utmost importance.

4. Size:

This is a common attribute of a sensor, which every engineer normally looks out for. Because, the circuit casing size will almost be ready by the time we look out for sensor and particular size.

5. Power Consumption:

As far as robotics or any other application, almost about 90% of application runs with batteries. So, will have to look at the power consumption of the sensor being used. In case, if it consumes more it will drastically reduces run time of our robot.

6. Ambience:

Get to know the temperature it can withstand, assuming you are using sensor in some industrial area where the temperature is high integrated with noise pollution, some sensors might not function in such cases. So, its better for us to look for the maximum temperature it can withstand.

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