Robots from Science Fiction to Reality

We people know what a robot is capable of and it is good to know how robots came into existence. This topic may not be new for some folks, but it might be useful for the younger generations who are very passionate in robotics.

unimate robot


1817 Talk about robotics started in Science Fiction stories
1921 The name ‘Robot’ was first coined by a Czech Film Director named Karel Capek. The word ‘Robot came from the Czech language ‘Robota’, which means slave or forced labor
1942 Isaac Asimov, a science fiction author wrote three laws of robots in his short story ‘Runaround’
1954 George Devol and Joseph Engelberger started the world’s first robot manufacturing company called Unimation. They are known as the ‘Father of Robotics’.
1961 The world’s first industrial robot named UNIMATE was used on General Motors assembly line
1980 Robots became a useful machine and widely accepted by many countries
1995 Small and mobile robots were found and it was a second reason for the growth of robotics.
2003 NASA’s Mars Rover created a big turnaround to robotics, and everyone came to know the use of robots.

Overall, I believe this info might have given you some ideas on how robots entered this massive world. Hope will be back with a lot more info on robotics. In case, if you have any queries use the below comment section to interact with our robotic experts.

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