SaviOne – The First Delivery Robot for Hotels

The above video shows out the trail performance of SaviOne at Aloft hotel in Cupertino. Savioke developed SaviOne to automatically serve the delivery stuffs to the peoples in hotel rooms. It has taken seven months for the company to research and find out the needs of the end users. The company first designed a working prototype and then included new features and redesigned it according to the user opinions. The prototypes has mainly concentrated on the following features:

  • Ergonomic Loading and Unloading
  • User friendly
  • Quick and easy interaction for staff
  • Making fun for guests

SaviOne rolls to a hotel for the first time, and travels everywhere in the building to recognize the ways. The staff members in the hotel will have to program where the robot has to go, and the robot is good enough to find out its own way to reach its destination.


SaviOne is developed on ROS (Robot Operating System) technology which is managed by the Open Source Robotics Foundation. It boasts a number of sensors to travel around the building including:

  • Depth cameras
  • Sonar & Laser Rangefinders
  • Wi-Fi to communicate with elevators

SaviOne is 3 feet high and weighs less than 45 kilograms. It is capable of carrying two cubic feet, and well designed to maneuver at human working place. It is still in experimental phase and hope it serves most of the hotels at the very near future.

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Author: JAY

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