Welding Robots

When two metals are joined by means of heat suppliers is known as Welding. This welding process when done by robots are known as Welding Robots. Usually, these robots are used in the areas where a human man cannot weld.

Types of Welding Robots:

There are two important types where welding robots play a vital role.

  • Arc Welding Robot.
  • Spot Welding Robot.

Why Arc Welding Robot?

Arc welding is done by fitters where the working conditions are very hazardous and unpleasant. It may be injurious to human vision due to high emission of ultra-violet rays. So the welders are required to wear the helmet with dark window to protect their eyes. Sometimes, sparks and smoke can cause infections to the operators. As a result of avoiding these problems, the arc welding robots came into existence.

Benefits of Arc Welding Robots:

  • High Safety
  • Better quality
  • High productivity

Features of Arc Welding Robots:

  • Programmable
  • Provides motion control system
  • High work volume and degree of freedom.

Why Spot Welding Robots?

The spot welding guns attached with cables can easily exceed 100lb weights. The apparatus is placed in the overhead hoist system for the operator to manipulate the gun. Even this assistance also causes difficulty for a human man. Therefore, the spot welding robots were introduced to perform this job.

Benefits of Spot Welding Robots:

  • The quality of the product is improved
  • Safe for the operators
  • Improved control in operation

Features of Spot Welding Robots:

  • Programmable
  • Effective in manipulating the welding gun for any application
  • Increased degree of freedom

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