What is Intel Minnowboard MAX?

I suppose Minnowboard has started to target the open-source community through Minnowboard MAX which uses Intel processor. Intel Galileo already made waves throughout the Globe by signing with Arduino for its freeware IDE, and here is another open source platform through Minnowboard MAX. It is a compact, powerful board for the makers and professional community.

The Minnowboard MAX official page says that it is not PC and it is open hardware embedded platform is for embedded applications or product development, where you can use this for I2C sensors, complicated embedded development and lots others.

It has two variants which differ in storage, and processing capability and of course price

1st Variant – $99

2nd Variant – $139

Some other specifications are given below

Category Feature Notes
Core Logic 64-bit Intel Atom E38xx Series SoC $99, single-core, 1.46 GHz$139, dual-core, 1.33 GHz
Intel Integrated HD Graphics With open source hardware-accelerated drivers for Linux OS
Memory DDR3 RAM System Memory$99 – 1 GB

$139 – 2 GB

8 MB SPI Flash System Firmware Memory
Video Intel HD Graphics HDMI(micro HDMI connector)


It also boasts some other specifications like Ethernet, audio, etc. The list of Input, Output devices is given in official website.

The operating system that can be used in this board are:

  • Debian Gnu/Linux
  • Yocto Project Compatible
  • Android 4.4 System

And as per official information this board will be for its enhanced and exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standard. And they will be out in the market by the end of June- 2014.

I am really not sure, whether we can use it for PC, by seeing the features and specifications; I suppose there is no way it shouldn’t work as PC. Well, keeping fingers crossed about this

Check the below video to know more about Intel MinnowBoard Max:

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