Direct Current (DC) vs Alternate Current (AC)

In the line of robotics tutorial, we will see about AC and DC in this section.

Almost all electronic components runs on DC, to understand it in simple terms, first let us know about how electrons flow in DC and AC using some small examples. Assuming, we have battery and a motor in which motor is connected directly to the battery after which the motor runs. Now if you watch closely the electron flow, it is very well known that electrons from positive terminal of the battery will flow to the motor and and ends up in the negative terminal of the battery, which is one way mostly.

Now to understand AC, assuming we have connected a bulb to the wall socket. Here let us see how electrons flow. At the first phase, electrons will flow in clock wise direction in the circuit as indicated in the video, and in the second phase, the electrons will flow in the counter clockwise direction, since it has a nature of altering its electron flow, which we call it as Alternating Current.

Reasons for having AC supply in household are:

1. Transmission loss is less in AC compared with DC

2. Safety for human beings

3. Safety for devices

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