Voltage and Current

These are very common terms used in day to day life in electronics world and even in normal world during some instances. But people find it very difficult to conceive or understand the basic principle of this topic.

In this video lecture will start the explanation of voltage and current using some examples:

In the first example, we have explained the concept of voltage and current using cooking pan experiment. Assuming we are cooking roti’s or chapati’s and after we have cooked about some 10 roti’s or some other number which is bigger than that, the temperature of cooking pan would be more than 100 degrees because water drop over it will evaporate. Let’s assume, it is around 150 degree Celsius and you are going to touch it, once you do it you will feel invisible molecular transfer between yourself and cooking pan, that can be termed as current, and potential of cooking pan is 150 degree Celsius and potential of human body is 36.9 degree Celsius and difference between them is 113 degree celsius as it goes by the dictionary definition here, the difference between the two is voltage i.e. 113 degree is the VOLTAGE (potential difference between two points) and flow of charged particles, i.e. invisible molecular transfer which we felt is current.

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Author: JAY

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