Black Line Following Robot without Microcontroller

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Welcome to Jay Robotics Club, Research team. We feel immense pleasure in introducing ourselves, in this very article we shall see about how to build a simple line following robots using very simple IC’s. Before you could start, I will list out the components required.

Components Required

  • Breadboard
  • Breadboard wires
  • 9 volt battery
  • Battery snaps
  • IC 7805
  • 10uf capacitor
  • Led
  • 1k resistor
  • 10k resistor
  • 220 ohms resistor
  • IR sensor module – 2
  • Motor driver IC like (l293d, l298d, uln2003)
  • Robot chassis
  • 12volt DC motor
  • Wheels -2

How it works

  • At first, this article will not go much deeper into technical specification of its electronic components, but it can guide you (or) it can act as a catalyst as we always do in our jay robotics club
  • Fix motors, wheels on robot chassis at appropriate places
  • Place breadboard on top of the chassis
  • Google for “5 volt circuit using 7805” as many people have given their circuits, it would be appropriate to use them
  • Place sensors in front of chassis facing the floor adjacent to each other
  • You can use any of the motor driver IC (l298d, l293d, uln2003) and many more but every time our preference is L293d
  • And the circuit goes like.

line following robot without microcontroller

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