HitchBot – The Wikipedia-Reading Robot

HitchBot, a free-spirited robot is ready to explore Canada to meet new friends on the go. It is developed at Port Credit, Ontario by Dr. David Smith of McMaster University and Dr. Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University. It is the successor of KulturBot, which is made to travel from one art gallery to other for tweeting artwork photos and venues.

The developers are going to put their robot on the side of the road from Halifax to Victoria, believing that it creates some good relationship with humans along the way. HitchBot is planned to hit the roads of Canada on July 27, 2014. You can follow it on Twitter, Instagram, and HitchBot’s official website.

hitchbot on the road

Looks & Performances:

  • HitchBot is simple and light-weighted.
  • It has a shape of bucket and wears gardening gloves and wellington boots.
  • It doesn’t have an independent movement and it is completely dependent on human beings for travel.
  • It equips a basic machine vision system and a microphone.
  • It can identify speech and motion, and surprisingly, it can speak.
  • It is capable of carrying out multiple conversations, face to face communication, and social media updates.

The developers are little bit worried for HitchBot on its travel to Victoria, as it has a chance to be stolen or taken for selling its electronic components. Let us hope for the best, and expect HitchBot to complete his charming and trust enough conversation with humans to have a secure ride through Canada.

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