In this section of our tutorial, you will understand about battery capacity, how long will it run, and other parameters.

For example if the motor at the no load condition (which means you have not connected to any wheel or any gear to the motor shaft) is consuming 0.2 Amps and you are running the motor using 12 volt 1.3 Ah battery, now the motor will run for [1.3 (Ampere-hour) / 0.2 (Amperes)] will results in 6.5 hours, now theoretically motor will run for 6.5 hours if you run it in no – load condition. But practically as the expert states battery will provide only 70 percent of its full capacity, therefore 1.3 x 0.7 equals 0.91 Ah, then practically it will run for 0.91/0.2 which is 4.55 hours

And one more thing to be noted in this section particularly, the amount of amps drawn by a motor would be controlled by itself, even if you feed the motor with high amperage battery, motor will take in the amount of amps it requires leaving the rest. So by this you can understand that a small motor can run even with inverter battery (high amperage battery) without any problem provided the voltage rating is correct.

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