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Processing is an Integrated Development Environment built in 2001 by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry. These guys are from MIT (Media Labs), Aesthetics and Computational Group. They were working on something so that something could get non-programmers to start a program.

For your information, Arduino language is based on Processing IDE, and is very much similar to the Arduino IDE. Processing IDE is based on Java, whereas Arduino IDE is based on C/C++.

Fine, where do we use Processing, as said earlier, it was created with a motive of bringing non-programmers to programming. This IDE could be visually interactive, you could get a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional output from your program which is really interesting once into it.

More than anything, it is an open-source software. I suppose the way the MIT Media Lab is going, we could sense an exemplary world where people would be free of all physical activities and automatic systems like robotics would be ruling us (virtually).

Download processing IDE, then its way to go, will you able to draw all the things on the computer which you can draw with paper and pencil. Fine, Paint might be the very good answer to this, in other case, how could you draw pictures using programs. Do you think it’s hard enough, not it’s not the case, you could use processing to do this very much easily.

Do you know Samsung’s sixth sense technology, where you could switch the channel using fingers by sitting in front of it without any contact, fine how do they do that, The answer is simple they use some kind of software similar to processing, I am not sure what they used, but after knowing Processing software you could be able to design a Samsung monitor of the same sixth sense technology.

Well, then go to the download page in processing, start to download and enjoy working with processing, Start to process the processing.

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Author: JAY

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